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Welcome Redditors! Looking for a little Secret Santa love?

Then we’ve got your awesome right here.

First and foremost, use your coupon code ‘secretsanta’ on checkout to get 10% off your total order (min. $20). That’s a must.

Secondly, we were contacted by the incredibly awesome licenseplate who saw that we were offering bacon skillet jam, and wanted to know if we were interested in doing some custom labeling in a smaller (cheaper) size for the Reddit Secret Santa. Yes! We couldn’t think of something more awesome, since Reddit and bacon go together like chocolate and bacon. Did we mention bacon? The skillet jam is a reduction of bacon, onions, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar and seasonings, and provides instant bacon awesome to anything you eat. Confident we were about to create a nexus of awesome, licenseplate started off on her design process, and we started working on the rest.


licenseplate and the laws of physics collided in a way which left her hand out of commission. After several rounds of emails to make sure she was not going to have to give up her lifelong art dreams to become an embittered boxing coach, (and to get a sneak preview description of her custom label, we’re excited!), we realized her label would probably not be finished in time for the vast majority of secret santators to benefit from it (although she’s still working to complete it). So…

We opened it up to everyone.

Our first limited edition label is up here, and waiting to explode your giftee’s head with delight.¬†We’re going to run a few different labels in rotation, depending on how many submissions we get. If we use your label, we’ll send you a jar with your artwork on it, compliments of the house. Our series will culminate with the licenseplate edition jam, once her magic makers are fully working again (and we promise it will be awesome!).

Last but not least…

Check out our selection of gift baskets and sampler packs. If your giftee has been REALLY, REALLY good, you might find something appropriate there for them.