Apple Balsamic Vinegar


This balsamic vinegar has a nice and refreshing apple flavor that works well as a vinaigrette, glaze, reduction, or as part of a marinade.

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Bellindora Apple Balsamic Vinegar is aged just long enough to allow for a tart balsamic burst of flavor. The apple infusion is a nice and refreshing complement to the balsamic base. It works well as a base for vinaigrettes, glazes, reductions, or as part of marinades. Our Green Apple and Cheddar Salad is a nice refreshing dish to make using Apple Balsamic.

If you enjoy a bit of vinegar on sandwiches, try a few drops of this Apple Balsamic Vinegar on ham, turkey or chicken sandwiches. In addition it is lovely when mixed into tuna or chicken salad. Brush on baked chicken or pork during the last 15 minutes of cooking, or combine with herbs and olive oil for a nice salad dressing.

Net Wt. 8.45 fl. oz.

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