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Super Bowl Party Food

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and if you are hosting a Super Bowl LI party, you know that the food is one of the most important aspects of the day. We have a few traditional recipes and a few unique spins on old favorites that will keep your guests happy no matter what team is winning.

Game Day
Sunday, February 5, 6:30 PM on FOX

NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas
New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons 


Pita Chips


Here is something a little different for your Superbowl party that you can make in place of potato chips. These pita chips are also great with hummus, dips or on their own.

2 pita breads (get the thicker, Greek style)
2 tbs. water
3 tbs. olive oil
¼ tsp salt
1 tbs. VSpicery’s Za’atar

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Slice pita into bite-size squares and place them in a small salad bowl. Drizzle with water and olive oil; season with salt and Za’atar. Toss gently to mix and coat. Place on a baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown. (serves 4 – 6)


Crab Dip with Bacon

This delicious dip is great with the pita chips or regular crackers. Either way, your guests will gobble it up and may ask for more after the dip bowl is empty.


6 oz crab meat
1/3 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
8 oz cream cheese
1/3 cup sour cream
1 tablespoon Fines, plus more for garnish
1/4 teaspoon Fresh Bay Seasoning
Crumbled bacon
Crackers for serving

In medium bowl, beat cream cheese and sour cream on medium speed until smooth and fluffy. Shred the crab and stir in all remaining ingredients except for the bacon. Cover and chill for two hours. Sprinkle with bacon pieces and additional chives right before serving. Serve with pita chips or crackers.


Cha Cha Chili

Our award-winning Cha Cha Chili seasoning includes 5 different varieties of chili peppers along with cumin, paprika and a number of other ingredients. This blend has a pleasant, mild-to-medium heat and is big on flavor.

16 oz can tomatoes, chopped
8 oz can tomato sauce
1 onion, diced
1 small green pepper, diced
1 small red pepper, diced
2 cloves garlic, finely diced
1 lb ground beef
2-3 tbls Cha Cha Chili
16 oz can beans (optional)
1 cup chicken stock
1 tbls olive oil
garlic powder

Season ground beef with salt, pepper and garlic powder, then brown meat over medium heat. Remove from pan when cooked through and drain fat.

Heat oil in large pot and saute onions and peppers until soft, then add garlic and cook for 1 minute. Add browned ground beef to the pot, then add tomatoes and chicken stock and stir until well combined.

Bring chili back to a low boil over medium to medium high heat and add Cha Cha to taste. Add beans (if using) and let simmer for 30 – 40 minutes.

Taste before serving and adjust spices to your liking. If you want to bump up the heat level, use our Habanero or Ghost Pepper Salt in place of regular salt. Taste as you go to make sure it’s not too hot for everyone. Serve with chips, cheese and sour cream, if desired.


Smoked Wings

Tasty Tango and Ale & Herbs are two very different blends that love the grill, and it do amazing things to grilled or smoked chicken.

Put wings, or chicken breasts into a bowl or ziplock bag, add enough olive oil and seasoning to evenly coat the chicken. Marinate from 1 hour to overnight, and grill or smoke until done.

Anytime we smoke chicken wings for a party with either of these delicious blends, they never last more than an hour after they come off the grill. Become an instant gourmet with a simple and delicious way to get big flavor in your wings with our seasoning blends!





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30 Days of Flavor: 03/09/11 – Bacon!

Bacon Jam

We will be discussing flavors this month in our “30 Days of Flavor” blog series. Every day this month, VSpicery will select a spice, seasoning, salt, etc., as the flavor of the day, giving you it’s history, flavor profile, and uses. We hope you enjoy these flavors and their unique stories.

Flavor is VSpicery’s mission, and after finding the best herbs and spices, oils, vinegars, mustards, and honey from around the globe we wanted to find or develop something new. Bacon is the flavor of the day, and we have two very different items that highlight this delicious flavor: Skillet Bacon Jam and Bacon, Horseradish & Tomato Flavor Effects. Here are their stories…

Skillet Bacon Jam was developed in Seattle by the very talented Chef Josh Henderson, who was a founder of the national street food movement sweeping the country. He began in a vintage airstream trailer, developing inventive menus, and serving the people of Seattle on the streets. Bacon Jam was created as a condiment for his delicious burgers and sandwiches, and has since exploded nationwide, quickly becoming a family favorite after being featured on Good Morning America last Christmas season. Watch how it’s made in the video below:

Bacon Jam

Bacon is cooked with caramelized onions and balsamic vinegar and reduced to the perfect spreadable consistency, with a nice balance of sweet saltiness. Bacon Jam can be spread on sandwiches, burgers, or made into a bacon vinaigrette. Smear it over a grilled steak or chicken breast. Stir it into veggies like green beans, spinach and asparagus, or into loaded mashed potatoes. It’s also wonderful with scallops, shrimp and clams, as an addition to your sautee, or as a finish after baking or grilling. Kick your Pasta Carbonara up a notch by using Bacon Jam in place of pancetta.

One of our personal favorites is a turkey and cheese croissant with bacon jam. Just spread Bacon Jam on one side of the croissant and put the turkey and cheese (we like provolone or swiss, but any cheese will work) on the other side, then put it under the broiler until the cheese is just melted. Add your favorite veggies, like fresh spinach leaves, red onion and tomato, then eat! The flavor is amazing, and everyone will likely want two sandwiches. Bacon Jam freezes indefinitely, so we like to portion it out into ice cube trays, freeze, then keep the Bacon Jam cubes in a bag in the freezer to use as needed.

Bacon Lover's Gift BasketVSpicery’s Bacon, Horseradish & Tomato Flavor Effects is a seasoning that we originally developed as a dip blend, with smoky overtones and a savory finish with just enough horseradish to give it a slight zing. We have carried other dip seasonings in our shop, but were always disappointed with their lack of flavor. So, we spent last summer developing our own line of dip blends, coming up with five equally delicious flavors, and the Bacon, Horseradish & Tomato Flavor Effects is one of our favorites.

When our panel of judges were testing our Flavor Effects line, they found that there are many other uses for these seasoning blends that go far beyond dips. You can make compound butters, cream or oil based sauces for veggies and pastas, seasoned mayo for sandwich spreads, baked potato toppings, salad dressings, or flavorful marinades. The Bacon, Horseradish & Tomato Flavor Effects makes a wonderful creamy dressing for salads, dip for seafood or crab cakes, a great cream cheese spread for bagels, or dip for veggies and fried appetizers. And for all our vegetarians out there, the dried bacon bits that we use for this blend are vegan friendly since they are a soy based product with great bacon flavor.

Have you used Bacon Skillet Jam or BH&T Flavor Effects in your kitchen? Tell us what you did and what you think in the comments below!